About : Requirements

  • PHP 5.2.0 or greater
    • register_globals turned off in your php.ini
  • A database supported by ADOdb
    • Works with MySQL 4 or greater
    • May work with other ADOdb supported databases, but has not been tested with them:
      • PostgreSQL
      • ODBC
      • Oracle
      • Microsoft SQL
  • Web browser requirements
    • Any modern web browser
    • Javascript enabled
    • Cookies enabled
    • Do not save the password at the login screen
  • Security Requirements. The internal application is used to store private customer information and should be installed in a way that minimizes the risk to that information.
    • Install on a dedicated server on your internal LAN protected by a firewall
    • GPG or PGP required for encryption of stored card data
    • An SSL certificate on the web server, can be self-signed if you desire

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